hardware and cyber security

Computer technology is in a state of constant change. As new ideas, designs, and functionalities become available, those whose intense efforts to innovate and advance the state of technology need to secure the rights to the fruit of their creative labor by patents, copyright, and trademarks.

New Challenges in Intellectual Property Law Posed by Hardware/Software Integrated Systems

Traditionally, intellectual property protection of the complex electrical equipment that makes up computer hardware has been based primarily on patents, as opposed to software, which is more often protected by copyright. But new systems are emerging in the information technology arena, involving the integration of hardware and software, with complex structures and algorithms that must be patentable to protect the rights of the developers who, after investing years in creating these innovations, need to be able to enjoy the competitive advantage in the marketplace that their work was performed to achieve. This requires the professional services of an experienced, licensed, and registered intellectual property attorney with the technical understanding to obtain the greatest and most appropriate protection the law allows for the inventor or designer.


With so much business now being conducted online, hacking into individual, corporate, and government computer systems has become rampant. It can threaten the energy grid, manufacturing facilities, financial network, and classified information on government computer systems. Consequently, there is a rush on to develop and produce hardware and integrated systems of hardware and software that resist this type of penetration. At Yee & Associates, we understand the importance of acting quickly on patents for new discoveries, systems, and security related innovations. We have the specialized legal experience and technological expertise to present patent applications that will pass the most rigorous examination, and which are resistant to attacks on their validity or enforceability, to provide the high level of protection required of these valuable business assets.

Technologically Trained Intellectual Property Legal Professionals for the 21st Century

In addition to their law degrees and certifications to practice before by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), our legal professionals hold advanced degrees in computer engineering, electrical engineering, computer science, and information technology, an unbeatable combination of attributes, education, and experience when you need to secure your exclusive right to produce and control the use of the designs and products you have developed.

Technology moves at an incredibly fast pace. To keep ahead of the race requires constant innovation. Innovation, as a valuable business and financial asset, must be protected from infringement, copying, and misuse. An intricately detailed patent, copyright, and/or trademark application is your best protection. Call the intellectual property lawyers at the Dallas, Texas, law firm of Yee & Associates to learn how we can help.