Intellectual Property: A Specialized Area of Law

Intellectual property law is a highly specialized practice area, requiring additional licensing beyond that required of all attorneys. Patent prosecution involving the new and increasingly complex and sophisticated computer systems requires a rare combination of technological and legal expertise, a combination of traits that you will find at the Dallas, Texas, intellectual property law firm of Yee & Associates. Curious about the areas of intellectual property law we cover? Read below to learn more about how we can help you protect your most important business and creative assets.

intellectual property

Intellectual property is something of commercial value that the human mind conceives. It might be an invention, a literary work, a musical score, an architectural design, a drawing or painting, an innovative process or design, a performance, or a symbol that identifies the work and products of an individual or business entity.

Patent Prosecution and Protection

A patent will give you the right to exclude anyone else from selling, producing, or using your invention for a specified period of time without your express permission.


Copyrights protect original expressions of ideas in various forms, such as stories, poems, plays, dances, paintings, photographs, sculpture, sound recordings, architectural designs, software, and radio and television broadcasts.


You’ve worked hard to create a reputation for your business by consistently providing a quality product or service. It is important to the long term success of your business that your customers can identify your products, distinguish them from those of your competitors, and buy them with the confidence that your company can be relied upon to deliver the quality that they want.


Intellectual Property Protection in an Age of Burgeoning Dominance of Telecommunications

Electrical systems and semiconductors

Semiconductors, or “silicon chips,” are an essential component in a vast array of electronic equipment with applications in everything from computers, to cars, to mobile phones—right down to identifying lost pets!

hardware and cyber security

Computer technology is in a state of constant change. As new ideas, designs, and functionalities become available, those whose intense efforts to innovate and advance the state of technology need to secure the rights to the fruit of their creative labor by patents, copyright, and trademarks.

software protection

The proliferation of computers and mobile devices has transformed modern society and has also created challenges to existing laws pertaining to intellectual property.

Patent infringement opinions

If you have invented or are in the process of developing a new product or other potentially patentable intellectual property, there are a number of good reasons to seek a patent infringement opinion from a licensed patent attorney.

Trade Secrets

A trade secret is confidential business information which provides a company a competitive edge. Trade secrets may be manufacturing secrets or commercial secrets.