intellectual property

Intellectual property is something of commercial value that the human mind conceives. It might be an invention, a literary work, a musical score, an architectural design, a drawing or painting, an innovative process or design, a performance, or a symbol that identifies the work and products of an individual or business entity.

Just as the law protects our right to keep and use our physical or tangible property, it also provides the means to protect one’s right to the fruits of the creative mind—one’s intangible or intellectual property. Intellectual property rights are similar to other property rights, allowing innovators the right to reap the benefits of their intellectual labors and the investment of their time and their efforts in the creative process, by means of:

  • Patents for inventions and innovative industrial processes;
  • Trademarks for symbols such as logos and slogans;
  • Copyrights for literary, musical, and artistic creations, performances, films, and broadcasts;
  • Trade secret protection for information or processes that your company has developed to obtain an edge over competitors.

Protecting the Products of the Creative Mind

The human mind is unique in its endless capacity for creation and innovation; the ability to create and innovate drives the evolution of human society to higher levels of achievement and the social, cultural, and economic developments derived from it that benefit us all. To encourage and reward the creation and innovation in technology, arts, and culture that contribute so much to the quality of life for so many, we have created laws to protect intellectual property for a period of time, to allow its owners to be rewarded for the time and mental effort they have expended to create something that enhances life for many members of society.

A Texas Law Practice Dedicated to Protecting Your Intellectual Property

At the Dallas, Texas law firm of Yee & Associates, we have dedicated our practice exclusively to helping those who invent, create, design, and innovate retain the rights to their intellectual property and the benefits it confers. We are committed to prosecution of intellectual property rights for a number of reasons. We believe that progress and the achievement of ever-expanding human potential depends to a great extent on the efforts of prodigious thinkers and creators, and that those who contribute so much to human society should be rewarded.

New inventions and processes stimulate economic growth, employment, and a richer life and culture for us all. We believe that economic growth and cultural enrichment hinge upon these endeavors, which must be encouraged and rewarded for the progress of humanity. We are proud to be in a position to provide the legal protection that makes innovation and creation of new technologies and artistic works lucrative and encourages ongoing investment in new creative endeavors in the arts, in literature, and in industry and technology, for the benefit of everyone.

Protect Your Intellectual Property Assets Now

If you are an inventor, designer, artist, musician, writer, performer, filmmaker, or innovator of any kind, if you have developed any type of intellectual property t and you need to protect your rights to your creation, Yee & Associates can offer you the experience and expertise you require. All of our attorneys are licensed and registered to practice before the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). This is a specialized legal qualification that goes beyond one’s license to practice law, and one that most lawyers lack. In addition, we have the technical aptitude and background that allows us to thoroughly grasp the significance of an invention or a process and its implications for the future of society.

Intellectual property law is all we do at the Yee law firm, and we are very good at it. We have a passion for innovation and are dedicated to providing the behind-the-scenes legal work that is necessary to ensure that those who create and innovate are able to enjoy the rewards of their intellectual labors. Put our experience and expertise to work for you to safeguard your right to the rewards that are rightfully yours. Call Yee & Associates today to schedule an appointment to begin the process of protecting your work, before you disclose any information about it to anyone.